Am I Write?

Sometimes, just squeezing time to write is near impossible. Being a mum can be exhausting (wonderful, but exhausting!) and time is like an elusive, precious gem lost in a fast flowing stream.

Having said that, we all make excuses. I guess it comes down to time management – and I’m rubbish at managing my time! 🙄

Im embarking on the biggest study experience of my like, and it fills me with excitement and terror simultaneously- so, 3ClayKnots is my mind release.  Reading research journals arguably have put a stop to recreational reading, and I’m finding that my research has slowly taken over my life. A good thing, but I’m mindful that it cannot become the sum total – do you know what I mean??

Anyway, write. No matter what it is. As a young woman, I religiously kept a diary (filled with the usual angst and extremes of emotional experiences) and since having children, I’ve stopped. I really believe that writing helps. It helps you sort through your thoughts, ideas and helps reorganise the clutter in your mind.

Happy writing all 💁🏻💐

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